Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 12:48

So remember how I was down to 4400 gold after last night's investment in crafter materials? Logging on today, I had 16227 gold after collecting my auctions and completing my follower missions. Most of that from selling my crafts. Even deducting the crafting costs, we're talking close to a 5k gold profit from a few minutes of work. So with even more pocket change than last night, it's time to step it up another notch! But still keeping it stupid simple, of course.

For my Garrison Buildings, click here!
For my TradeSkillMaster3 setup, click here!

Last night I had 4452 gold. After collecting auctions and completing follower missions today, I was up at 16227 gold. Gains are slowly returning to what I consider "normal". Because earning a five digit sum every day isn't hardcore or exceptional. It just means you spend a few minutes crafting.

More Crafting

So I noticed last night that most of the good enchants I could craft in Warlords of Draenor was made from the same 5 ingredients, and I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for those at the auction house. But now it's time to start mass producing a few gems as well! Because as I've stated a few times: gathering is slave labor, and thus both my professions naturally are production professions. So let's produce!

Studying my second profession - Jewelcrafting - I noticed that everything here too originates from a fairly low number of components. It turns out the one hard-to-get item is a BoP I originally only could craft a few each day of. Namely Taladite Crystals. But somewhere along the road they added a way to craft them from another BoP item, Primal Spirit. And call me lucky, but I have hundreds of Primal Spirits lying around! Because they seem to drop everywhere, and up until now I didn't really craft anything that required them. But now that I do, my stockpile comes in really handy! In fact you should consider this a general rule of gold farming. Don't use stuff unless you have to, and never throw away stuff that you don't know if you will need later or not. Because you probably will, and bagspace isn't that expensive. Waste not, want not!

And the rest of the materials I need for my Jewelcrafting? Nothing but purchasable cheap slave labor gathering materials, like the various herbs of Draenor, and the two types of ores. With 16k of gold in my pockets, I can probably buy a bit of these. Especially at the time of writing this, which is pretty much the end of the expansion. Slave labor materials are always cheaper at this point in time. Happens every single expansion. So I guess it's time for a trip to the auction house again!

Bulk Purchasing

At the auction house I bought pretty large amounts of not too expensive Temporal Crystals, True Iron Ore and Blackrock Ore. Pricetag in total? I don't want to think about it, but it brought me down to 1739 gold. Feel free to do that little piece of math! The point isn't how much gold you spend, it's how much you earn. If the materials you buy are valid and used frequently, you could always just sell them again if things go the wrong way. For me the only really important factor is that I still have enough gold to post auctions. And you only really need a couple of hundred for that.

Another thing worth considering is to configure TradeSkillMaster to look out for the items you need to craft. I personally don't do this, at least not yet, because my crafts require such a low amount of different materials, that I can easily check for them manually at the auction house. And using TradeSkillMaster and their desktop app, my auction price database is automatically updated with the most recent realm prices, and so I can see what percentage of the average each auction is placed at without ever needing to worry about the actual prices myself. If it's below 110ish percent, I purchase, if not, I don't!

Going on a shopping spree! My bulk purchases of crafter materials dug a hole almost 15k deep in my earnings today! Seems much at this early point, but it's really only pocket change! Also, I might have gone a bit overboard here considering how little gold I had to begin with. But I'm impatient. I want more gold, and I want it faster!

Chaos to Order

Some of the point I'm trying to make here is that we should never worry about our gold dropping rapidly. It might seem scary and risky if you've never had a lot of gold before and still consider a five digit sum to be "a lot". But once we hit our first 100k, purchases of 5-10k really aren't that big anymore. In fact, probably around a month from now, maybe even less, my own bulk purchases will be back in the 40-50k area. I've done this quite a few times now. Going from zero to a lot. And the formula is always the same. It starts out with trying to get some pocket change. To get enough gold from dailies, instance farming, or any other minor method to be able to do some auction house purchases and start crafting stuff. Once the crafting starts my gold goes like a yo-yo for a few days or a few weeks. But as the quantities of materials I juggle increase, my gold starts to stabilize at a fairly high amount, and the fluctuations then appear smaller compared. Then finally it becomes apparent that the gold isn't fluctuating at all, it's actually steadily increasing.

The real challenge comes when you're above 100k, and your 5k daily gains starts to feel really low. And this is a challenge of discipline, nothing else. It's important to don't lose your head, start spending too much, or get bored and think you have a lot or in any way stop doing what you're doing. Because if it got you to a 100k, it'll get you to 200k, 300k, 500k and eventually the ever eluding million. Or a million minus one copper, since that's the actual character gold cap now. But this is why we have alts and guild banks. To go above the cap!

My gold goes like a yo-yo these days. But it'll pass. It's simply a result of me being in a hurry. To access this chart yourself, just open "Player Gold" from the Accounting tab in TradeSkillMaster. You can access that either by clicking on the Accounting tab directly, or by typing "/tsm accounting".

Keeping it simple

Another thing to take note of is that regardless of what professions I currently have, I don't ever go for diversity. I don't craft a little of everything. I don't craft anything else than what the current max level characters are buying. And only the safe bets, only the things that sell constantly. I leave the mount crafting and weird diversity to the self-proclaimed and highly pretentious gold moguls. Let them fill the auction house with their spreadsheet items and elitist theory nonsense crafts, while we sit back, chill and simply craft exactly what the majority wants! I mean, who do you think makes the most money? Some local gourmet restaurant, or McDonald's?

There used to be a lot of money in twink enchants, but given the current state of heirlooms and the game in general, they're just not worth the time anymore. Going with the mainstream crafts is safer, faster, easier. With my Jewelcrafting I make a few of the best gems, nothing else. With my Enchanting I mainly create weapon enchants, though I sometimes throw in a few other top enchants as well, but hardly ever more than 3 or 4. If I had tailoring, I'd make bags. I have no idea about the other professions, but I reckon the "social raiders" are still high on all types of food, flasks and potions. They wipe for hours every night, claim to play "for fun", yet spend more time failing than the professional raiders spend on the game altogether! But at least they buy a lot of stuff from us! Their slave labor and stress makes us rich! Win!

This concludes my report for today! I apologize for my ramblings and thoughts, if you came here looking for tutorials you probably feel like this just isn't it. And you're right! It's not a tutorial! It's my journey from rags to riches documented, and I only talk about what I'm doing when I'm actually doing it! My plans on how to increase my gold gains as I move along, well... guess you have to come back later to learn about those!

See you next time, and until then: farm more gold! :)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 00:49

So we reached my fourth day playing the game after I started my new gold farming adventure. After collecting the finished auctions and completed follower missions, I ended up at about 11664 gold. Today I step it up a notch, and start crafting a bit more. Because it's time to speed up the gains a bit!

For my Garrison Buildings, click here!
For my TradeSkillMaster3 setup, click here!


As per usual I start the day by collecting finished auctions, completing follower missions, and cursing Blizzard for the stupid Fleet thing where you MUST farm Tanaan Jungle bonus objectives for Oil, something I prefer to not do. Ever. Anyhow, I collected the finished objectives that I didn't collect last night, and got a total of 1461 gold from auctions, 405 gold from follower missions, putting me at a grand total of 11664 gold. Pocket change. But just enough to start doing something else! Because you didn't think doing follower missions was my grand plan, did you?


So now that my gold finally reached a five digit sum, it's time to visit the auction house again. It turns out that pretty much all the good enchants I can do are made out of the same 5 ingredients. Temporal Crystal, Sorcerous Air, Sorcerous Water, Sorcerous Fire and Sorcerous Earth. So I bought a lot of those. A lot.

So now I'm down to a mere 4451 gold again, hardly anything more than I began with 4 days ago. Having collected the mats though, I was able to craft some pretty profitable enchants. Looking at my posted auctions, knowing that these are the enchants people use for the current endgame, I know that this is gold waiting to happen. All won't sell today, I'll probably have to repost a few times. But it'll sell.

At this point it should be mentioned that I am no longer using the quick post feature of TradeSkillMaster3. As of today, I created my groups and operations, set up my macros and keybinds, and started automating and speeding the process up a bit. Because you really can't do any serious crafting without having the process properly streamlined! To learn more about my TradeSkillMaster3 setup, check out this post!

Well, this concludes my adventures for today. Now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game. I'll tell you what happened in a few days!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 15:05

So as I stepped up my crafting a bit on day 4 of my gold farming adventure, I realized that simply using the quick post feature in TradeSkillMaster3 wouldn't do anymore. It's time to automate things a bit!

First glance

For me it is important to have a very modular and very simplistic approach to things. Sure, maybe I could have crammed a few more copper out of things if I analyzed, specialized and did all the crazy things all the self-proclaimed gold moguls of World of Warcraft do. But that's not my thing. I keep things simple. Stupid simple. In fact, I have to this date no idea how any market works, what any general price is, nor who my competitors are. Because I really don't need to know any of that. All I need is a button that says "Post Auction", and a macro to spam-click it with my mouse wheel. And a mailbox to collect my gold in later on.

First off you need to download the actual addon. To download TradeSkillMaster, visit for the most recent public version of the addon, and for their desktop app. The desktop app will automatically download auction price data for your chosen realms, and I highly recommend getting it. TradeSkillMaster is a completely free project, including its desktop app. I'm currently using the closed beta of TradeSkillMaster3, which isn't available to the general public as I'm writing this, but all the features I use are also available and pretty much identical in TradeSkillMaster2.

I realize that what I show you here today probably isn't very helpful to seasoned TradeSkillMaster users. This is aimed towards beginners, or people like me that just want to have things dead simple. My goal as always is to minimize stress, not maximize profit. We'll reach the gold cap anyway, maybe a few days later than the hardcore farmers, but then again... who the hell would want to be a hardcore farmer in an MMO? Really, life is too short for that nonsense! But let's get to it!


Groups are exactly what they sound like. Groups of items. You can define as many or as few groups as you like. Groups can have various operations assigned to them, like for example mailing all ore you get to a specific character, or posting everything from another group at the auction house and so on. The only limitation to your groups is that an item can only exist in a single group. Because groups are a way of deciding what exactly you're going to do with the items in those groups, so having an item in multiple groups wouldn't really make any sense.

The groups I've made for my own little setup today, are called "Crafted" and "Drops", and contain exactly what you would expect. Anything I craft goes into Crafted, and BoE stuff from the world like Darkmoon books, parts for the Trading Post's auctioneer and so on goes into Drops. I prefer to split between drops and crafts mainly because drops technically are pure profit, while crafting does have a cost that needs to be covered. And different formulas are needed to calculate those prices.

To create new groups, you first need to open the groups page in the TradeSkillMaster3 interface either by clicking on the Groups tab or by typing "/tsm groups". Once there you simply type the name of your new group in the input box followed by enter. Once created you should select the new group, click its "Items" tab, and choose what items you wish to put into the group.

I'm sorting all the stuff I wish to sell into these two groups, and using the same settings for all the items in those groups. Keeping it simple.


Operations are the true genius of TradeSkillMaster3. Since I'm currently only playing on a single character, and currently mostly using the auctioning features of the addon, I will only be focusing on auctioning operations. There are however six types of operations in TradeSkillMaster3: auctioning, crafting, mailing, shopping, vendoring and warehousing. Through these operations, you can assign groups of items to be stored in your bank, mailed to an alt, sold at the auction house and pretty much anything you'd like. You can go as advanced as you want, or keep it as simple as you want.

One major strength of operations, is that you can assign values from one operation to apply to another operation. Meaning if you want an operation named "big sales" to get its price information from an operation called "world drops", you can do that. This is referred to as "relationships", and is part of what truly makes this a very powerful addon!

For my own little setup, I've made the whopping amount 6 auctioning operations! I could probably have gotten by with 2, I did that in Cata and MoP, but for WoD and beyond I want a more modular setup, that's easier to change and expand later on. So I'm going with a master operation for each of my item groups, and these "master" operations in turn get all their settings from the remaining 4 "minor" operations. So instead of having to modify existing operations when I change something, I'll simply make a new operation and change the relationships in my master operation.

To create new operations, you first need to open the operations page in the TradeSkillMaster3 interface either by clicking on the Operations tab or by typing "/tsm operations". Once there you select the type of operation you wish to create - which is "auctioning" in my case, and type the name of your new operation in the input box followed by enter.

The operations I've made are the following:

Duration: 12 hours

I made this operation to control the duration of my auctions. The only setting it has is to post auctions at 12 hours. I'll show you later on how to assign this to your items, so keep reading!

Quantity: 4 of 1

This operation simply sets the quantities I'm posting. As with all my other operations, the name is self-explanatory. It simply means that I'm posting 4 auctions with a stack size of 1. My character is an Enchanter and a Jewelcrafter, so these settings are good for all I can make. If I were a slave with a gathering profession, though, I would make another operation with more auctions posted and full stacks. Not to mention a group for the gathered materials. But since I'm not a slave, this doesn't apply to me. :)

Price: Crafted

This operation contains the price calculations for all my crafted items. TradeSkillMaster3 applies this operation to all the items when posting at the auction house, calculating the prices as it goes. TradeSkillMaster3 has a fairly advanced system for calculating custom prices, and there are a number of keywords and operators you can use. Take a look at for a full overview. Below are the settings I've chosen for my own operation:

  • Minimum Price: max(Crafting*1.25, DBMarket*0.3, avgSell*0.3, VendorSell*1.5)
  • Maximum Price: max(Crafting*50, DBMarket*1.5, avgSell*10, VendorSell*100)
  • Normal Price: max(Crafting*3, DBMarket*3, avgSell*2, VendorSell*2)
The price calculation is where the true magic happens. It's all relative, and all calculated according to current crafting- and auction house prices for your realm. Remember to set up the TSM app to download auction data for your realm! Visit for more info about this.

Price: Drops

This operation contains the price calculations for all my drops. You'll notice I'm not using the "Crafting" price source here, as that would just return an error. Drops do not have a crafting cost. I won't be explaining what all these sources and keywords mean, but you can take a look at this page to learn more!

  • Minimum Price: max(DBMarket*0.3, avgSell*0.3, VendorSell*1.5)
  • Maximum Price: max(DBMarket*50, avgSell*10, VendorSell*100)
  • Normal Price: max(DBMarket*5, avgSell*2, VendorSell*2)

Crafted Items

This is the master group for all my crafted items I wish to sell. The operation has no settings of its own, but it is the operation I'm assigning to my "Crafted" item group. By having a master operation like this, I can easily change how my items are auctioned by simply changing a relationship within this master operation. Sounds advanced? Don't worry, it's not.

To set relationships after creating an operation, you need to click the operation's "Relationships" tab, and select what operations to apply to what. Once it's done, our new operation called "Crafted Items" will use the relevant settings from the related operations in place of its own. For my "Crafted Items" operation, I used the duration from the "Duration: 12 hours" operation, the stack size, post cap and quantity from the "Quantity: 4 of 1" operation, and all the rest from the "Price: Crafted" operation:

I refer to this as a "master operation". It's an operation with no settings of its own, it gets everything from the other operations I've created. This allows me to easier control how items are sold, without having to actually change the settings of any existing operation. If I need to change something, I'll simply make a new operation and assign it here, thus keeping my stuff backwards compatible.

Dropped Items

Same as "Crafted Items", but for drops. I set it up the exact same way, except I used the "Price: Dropped Items" operation instead of "Price: Crafted Items":

Connecting it to the groups

So now that we have some functional operations and item groups with items in them, it's just a matter of connecting the dots. To do this, we have to open TradeSkillMaster3's group settings, either by clicking on the group tab or by typing "/tsm groups". Once there we simply have to select our newly created groups, and assign the appropriate master operation to them as demonstrated in the pictures below:

Spammable Macro

So having all the groups and operations set up, we're almost there. Now we need to speed up the act of posting and cancelling auctions. There is a system within TradeSkillMaster3 to set up a macro with a keybind for you automatically, but guess what? It doesn't work. Or at least the keybinding doesn't work. But fear not, uncle Goldpaw will fix it for you!

Others might have different preferences, but for me it's only two things I need to click very fast. Which is posting an auction, and cancelling an auction. So I made myself this little macro that when used clicks those exact buttons in the TradeSkillMaster3 interface:

/click TSMAuctioningCancelButton
/click TSMAuctioningPostButton

Having my macro created, I dragged it to my right actionbar which usually is hidden. Then I opened Blizzard's keybinding interface, went to the "MultiActionBar" page, and assigned Alt + Mouse Wheel Up and Alt + Mouse Wheel Down to the action slot that holds my macro. Now when I'm posting or cancelling auctions, I can simply hold down the Alt key, and roll my wheel up and down. The speed is crazy!

Having a spammable macro for posting and cancelling auctions is probably one of the best quality of life features you can get!

Get rich

Okay, I admit it. This isn't enough to get you rich. The addon won't play the game for you, it only makes it a little easier, a little less stressful. The setup might be a bit daunting for beginners, but it's almost a one time thing. The only thing you need to remember is to add new items to your groups. Other than that, it's pretty brainless and straight forward. TradeSkillMaster does have a lot of really awesome features for crafting, storing and mailing too, but as I've shown here today, you don't have to use any of those features if you don't want to. Start simple, and learn at your own pace. Whether you wish to learn everything there is to know in a single day, a month, a year or never, it's all down to your personal choice and personal preference.

So until the next time, have fun and earn more gold!

If you like my addons and their artwork, think I'm doing a great job and wish to support me and my work a little extra, you could always throw a donation my way using PayPal, or considering supporting me on a monthly basis over at Patreon! The latter uses PayPal as payment method, is safe and secure, and you can quit anytime you want. :)

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Monday, August 17, 2015 - 11:00

Today I'm going to tell you about my Garrison Buildings, and the reason for having made those choices! And believe it or not, my choices aren't all focused towards gold. I went with a lot of fun instead!

Now, I guess a lot of people - hardcore gold farmers especially - will disagree with my choices. But that's because they're elitist, narrow minded nerds! Remember our main goal folks: It's not to maximize profit at the cost of headaches and messed up social lives. Our goal is to minimize stress and make the gold farming brainless, so you can spend more time with your family and your friends away from the game! ;)

These are the buildings I'm currently using. All level 3, of course.

Gladiator's Sanctum

What's there to say? The perks from this building makes me a lot safer when doing World PvP, as well as making it possible to gain Conquest Points from Broken Bones gathered in Ashran. I can breathe underwater in outdoors Draenor zones without the need for my Aquatic Form, can fall farther without my Cat Form, and when I'm below 35% health I take 50% less damage. For a guy that primarily does casual and outdoors PvP, this is a no-brainer. All of the above buffs are active in Ashran too.


Once more a no-brainer. I get a follower when out in the world. Makes questing easier. Makes farming easier. Makes PvP easier. It also increases my follower limit, and since a large portion of my gold comes from follower missions, this is both a fun element, and a gold farming element. Win/Win!


This too was a PvP thing for me. I'm not a mount collector, so that part was meaningless. The level 2 and 3 perks on the other hand are great. I never get dazed in Draenor while being mounted, and I ride 20% faster. Why wouldn't I want this?

Enchanter's Study

This one I chose mainly for the vain reason of getting a different glow on my weapon. And of course the benefit of being able to turn Draenic Dust into epic shards which happens to be the main ingredient in all the good enchants is a good thing too. This is pretty much one of my biggest sources of income. I shard all the green and blue nonsense I get from the world and from questing, turn what I can into epic shards using work orders, and craft stuff people pay hundreds and thousands for. Brainless. Easy. Good.

Salvage Yard

This is a fun factor thing. Sure, I get some junk and some gear and some gold now and then, but to be honest, I get that with any other building too! I simply like the mystery of getting bags and boxes with extra loot in. With a Salvage Yard, every day is Xmas!

Trading Post

This is the ultimate lazy factor. I got this simply so I could make my own auctioneer! And yeah, I know, most people going from rags to riches don't start out with expensive toys like this. But then again, the auction houses are just a hearth away anyway. This doesn't give me any real gold earning benefits. It's just one of those things that make the game more fun to me. Because ultimately that's the only things I want to spend gold on. What makes the game fun. For me, gold exists to remove the grind, and jump straight to the fun!


More laziness. I love having my bank, guild bank, a transmogrification NPC and my void storage nearby. And of course, this building at level 3 greatly increases the amount of work orders other buildings can have. For a guy that mainly earns gold based on work orders in the Garrison, this too should be a no-brainer!

So there you have it. These are my buildings and the reasons I have them. Not exactly ground breaking, huh? And that is exactly my point too. That we don't need to follow strict rules or advanced and complicated strategies. We should always go for what we consider to be the most fun. Because there is always a way to make it work to our advantage. Don't ever worry about min/maxing things. Don't worry about what will give you the most profit, the fastest profit, or anything related to profit at all. Because with the right mindset, you can earn gold doing anything. It's not so much a matter of "what", but of "how". More on that later!

If you like my addons and their artwork, think I'm doing a great job and wish to support me and my work a little extra, you could always throw a donation my way using PayPal, or considering supporting me on a monthly basis over at Patreon! The latter uses PayPal as payment method, is safe and secure, and you can quit anytime you want. :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2015 - 01:00

I didn't intend this to be a daily thing, and you shouldn't expect it to be either. I will however make a post everytime I spend more than a few minutes in WoW, which I happened to do today too. So to get right to what you want to know, I earned 1700g from last night's Follower missions and auctions, bringing me up to 9470g at the start of Day 3!

For my Garrison Buildings, click here!
For my TradeSkillMaster3 setup, click here!


So as per usual I started my day by visiting the mail box, the Town Hall, and collecting the rewards from finished auctions and follower missions. Today I only earned 200g from missions, but got 1500g from auctions. Still not what I consider to be much, but still better than nothing. I am after all merely spending minutes daily on this!

Anything is better than nothing. If I hadn't spent the few minutes last night posting auctions and sending out followers, there'd be none of this waiting for me.

Renewing Missions

You get the idea here. I collect, I renew. Nothing that you couldn't have figured out for yourself. But then again, this isn't a tutorial, it's a blog! So I renewed my missions and my auctions. You'll notice there's a few more gold missions available for me today, so this day will probably end up being more profitable than the previous ones. Time will tell!

Renewing Auctions

For auctioning I'm using TradeSkillMaster3, which currently is in beta phase. It reminds a lot of TSM2, and it even copied my groups and rules over automatically. But for the benefit of this blog series, I decided to delete all my rules and saved settings, and start at scratch. So when asked by TradeSkillMaster3 on Day 1 if I wanted to make profession groups automatically for me, I said no.

Currently I'm just using the quick post feature, which is as brainless as it gets. It works for now, but when I soon start gaining a bit more gold, I'll be making some rules and groups to automate the procedure a bit. Otherwise this will be a job. Stress. And we all know how I feel about that. If gold farming isn't brainless, we're doing it wrong! When it comes to what I post, the rules are pretty simple for me. I post the blue quest thingies you gain from instances and battlegrounds when you're carrying a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide around. I post rare quality gems and enchants, since that's pretty much the only things I craft. And anything else of value, of course. When I get too much ore or herbs, I post full stacks. But I make a point out of always having a certain stockpile of stuff like that. Not much, but a full stack or two. You never know when you'll be needing it!

On Day 1 I told TSM3 I didn't want any groups made for me. On Day 3, I'm still posting auctions using their quick post feature. Stay tuned for when I make the rules and groups and explain my thoughts and philosophy behind it!

The benefit of being an addon developer

One of the benefits of being an addon developer, is that I sometimes need to have World of Warcraft running in the background even if I'm not playing. Because this is where I create my addons after all. We don't get any sandboxes or special tools. Addon developers are just like other gamers, we don't work for Blizzard. There are no cloaks, secret handshakes or special benefits. We're just players with a knack for coding that uses this as our base of operations. We're enthusiasts, not employees.

Having that said, being an enthusiast and addon developer, I sometimes do need to have World of Warcraft running. And this means I'm often online when a Follower mission finishes. And thus I am able to collect and renew several times a day! Considering that most of my gold come from Follower missions, this is indeed an advantage that I have, and not very many other have. To better show what I'm talking about, while writing this post, a couple of missions finished. I collected a tiny amount of gold and resources, and was able to start another resource missions. True, as you see in the pictures, it wasn't much. But keep in mind that some gold missions reward as much as 1500g. So even if you're not very often online, it might be benefitial to log on for a couple of minutes in the morning as well as in the evening. Because renewing those missions could earn you a five digit sum of extra gold every month. Think about it!

The road goes ever on and on

So that's it for today. I spent far more time writing this than doing any of it. Stay tuned as my journey progresses, and come back for the more specific posts on what addons I'm using, how my Garrison buildings are set up, not to mention places and instances I sometimes farm. Because I still do. There's still easy gold available outside of your Garrison, and I'll be happy to show you where and how!

If you like my addons and their artwork, think I'm doing a great job and wish to support me and my work a little extra, you could always throw a donation my way using PayPal, or considering supporting me on a monthly basis over at Patreon! The latter uses PayPal as payment method, is safe and secure, and you can quit anytime you want. :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 14:44

So after a lot of conversation and very little action on Day 1, I finally started getting a tiny amount of profit on Day 2. In fact, I doubled my gold from last night. Then again, I really didn't have much to begin with. I'll earn more as I get more, it's just how the game works. But enough chit chat, let's get to it!

For my Garrison Buildings, click here!
For my TradeSkillMaster3 setup, click here!

Finishing Follower Missions

You might recognize the picture below from the Day 1 post. And yes, I admit it, I farmed for 2 days before making the first post. Because that picture was what I collected on Day 2 from Followers. No less than 1125 gold and a few other nice resources! Considering I started with 3.8k gold the day before, this is a fairly fast increase. This is because I have valued the traits Treasure Hunter and Scavenger on my Followers. My rewards are simply higher.

This is what I got from my Followers after the first day of my new gold farming adventure.

Collecting Auctions

So some of my auctions sold, some didn't. I earned about 500g, which isn't very much. I don't stress over this, it's just how the game is. Once you start obsessing about always selling everything, you'll turn into a drooling moron going cheaper and cheaper all the time, and eventually you'll be living at the Auction House, never logging off, acting totally addicted and retarded. Don't be that person. Just chill and consider a few sales a day a success!

The rest of the day

After having collected successful auctions and cashed in on Follower missions, I cancelled any remaining old auctions, did my profession dailies - I have Enchanting and Jewelcrafting, crafted a good gem and a cheap weapon enchant, and renewed my autions. I wanted to start some Fleet missions too, but as per usual, I was out of Oil. I'm always out of Oil. So seeing how I'm always out of Oil, I decided to go do a few Tanaan Jungle dailies and bonus objectives. And I gotta say.... worst patch ever? What a freaking boring grind! I'm not impressed.

Even being a dedicated Zygor Guides user - which really does simplify the dailies, it was still a pain. Big pain. Mobs with too much health, overfarmed areas, reputations that take forever to farm, it just sucks. It reminds me of Vanilla. I hate farming. I won't be doing this again any time soon. It did however push my gold total up to 7740g, which puts me at a 3.8k profit so far. I can live with this. It's a slow start, but still a start.

So that was my fairly short second day on my road to riches. Stay tuned for Day 3!

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