User Interface

Beautiful custom textures, stunning animated statusbars, smooth fading and subtle saturation control. Who said you couldn't combine cubic minimalism and the more graphic Warcraft style? The fourth edition of Lars "Goldpaw" Norberg's custom user interface for World of Warcraft does this, and more!

Goldpaw's UI consists of multiple modules, each handling a separate part of the World of Warcraft user interface. They are written to automatically interact with each other, but also to interact with and look good with the default UI, and with other addons. You can use the entire UI, or just the parts you like. With the 4th edition of Goldpaw's UI, the choice is yours!


Are my keybinds and macros the most optimal you can get? Probably not. But they are way ahead of the average player.

My philosophy is that my hand shouldn't have to move. And when I press a key, the resulting action should be intuitive and situation-based. And more than anything, it must be intelligent. Over the years I've adapted a set of keybinds and macros that at least for me achieves this goal.


I see a lot of players claiming to be 'casuals'. Yet they do massive amounts of daily quests, dungeons, raids and spend several hours each day on the game. And that doesn't sound very casual to me.

Gold is a resource you always need. For repairs, bags, gems and enchants, battle pets, mounts, and tons of other things. Yet all those 'casual' players out there are barely getting by. They either spend massive amounts of time farming, or succumb to the lure of the more advanced gold guides which though they give a lot of gold per hour in-game, they also require a large amount of time spend out-of-game doing research. And I aim to change all this, to show the average user that gold can easily be obtained with very little work, and very little stress.

Follow my journey as I move from rags to riches, and see how I keep gaining without any real knowledge of any market, any profession, anything at all!


I've been playing World of Warcraft since its launch over 10 years ago. And even though my main focus these days are on addons and gold, I do from time to time play the actual game.

On my blog you can find all my tutorials and guides, as well as numerous random thoughts about this and other games.