Having switched completely to the 1280x1024 version of the amazing TukUI, my trusted addon GBOT just doesn't work like intended for me anymore. I don't need all of it's options, and having to manually disable tons of things to make it "fit" into my current UI, defeats the whole purpose of it's creation. So what I have done, is to start stripping it down into separate addons, fulfilling the same functions as before, but not all at once.

So far I've made 2 addons out of it, namely gMerchant and gChat. These are basically the Chat- and Merchant options from GBOT, but in 2 separate addons. I have changed a few of the default settings, to make them both better suited to fit into any UI. They can both be downloaded at Curse as well as WoWInterface.

Yay me! The person that hates PuGs now have one of his own! I congratulate myself on my spanking new, butt ugly Perky Pug. Still got miles to go though, I've decided to farm EVERYTHING I possibly can equip from Emblem of Triumph rewards, as well as every single piece of Heirloom gear for my alts.

Am I the only one that feels that they put this Achievement a bit low? Signing up for 25 random heroics just doesn't seem like anything worthy of a pet, does it?

So I was over in Zangarmarsh, leveling my very handsome Death Knight Aleman, when I suddenly spotted the first Rare mob I'd seen in Outlands since WotLK came. My heart went into turbo, I logged my trusted druid, and rushed the fastest I could fly to the spot I had seen the mob on, and yes; the Coilfang Emissary was still there!

Not much more to it than that, but still fun. Now comes the long hard work of getting Bloody Rare, not to mention it's dreaded Northrend big brother!

Oh well. Time will be my friend.  ;)