Lars Norberg Saturday, April 9, 2011 - 16:08
As the title says, GUIS: gUI™ should now work on the PTR. If anybody still experience problems with it, please report the problem along with an accurate description and the LUA error report if any to the Ticket Tracker on CurseForge!

The following "major" changes were done in GUIS-gUI™ v1.0.172:
  • Updated to work with the current WoW 4.1 PTR build
  • New fonts!
  • Latency on the player castbar
  • Skinner module updated to "finished" status, meaning it works. You can actually read the quest descriptions now.
  • Error module changed to use a blacklist instead of a whitelist. Only spam is blocked now, while most "real" messages get through

Planning ahead
I have a lot of things on my ToDo list right now. There are things I'd like to see implemented in GUIS-gUI™, and most of them are big changes that require new modules to be written. Some of them include, but are in no way limited to:
  • MainTank/MainAssist frames. Expect this "soon".
  • A built in cooldown tracker on action buttons, as OmniCC doesn't always seem to play nice with GUIS-gUI™ anymore
  • A more or less simple DoT/HoT tracker integrated into the UI, quite possibly an optional replacement for the auras above the player/target unitframes
  • A simple DPS/Threat meter integrated into the UI. The idea is to show current threat/DPS, and only save it on a per fight basis. No stored data from previous fights, no large statistics slowing down the UI. We have Recount for that.
  • Skinning and positioning of Recount, Omen, Skada and DBM. And quite possibly Quartz. I've felt for quite some time that this would take the UI to the next level, making it possible for people to create Curse addon packs that are "complete".

Are there any NEW features except the ones listed that you would like to see? Everything will be taken into consideration, as this UI is very much being developed based on community feedback!

Speak up, and don't be shy!