Lars Norberg Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 23:57
So I was sort of encouraged to give my readers a sign of life. To let you all know I still breathe. Well, here I am. And I still breathe. Despite my great efforts, nobody has turned me into a vampire yet. But what have I been up to? Where am I? What is happening with GUIS-gUI™ v2.0?

And am I still tall, dark and handsome?

So please tell... what have you been up to? 
Well, there have been some major changes in my life the last year or so. That's not exactly a secret. I went through a rather painful relationship, with an even more painful break up. Not that much to her, but that much to me. For her I was just another guy that was exciting for a while. While I on the other hand was looking forward to growing old together with her. Fair to say it didn't work out as intended. Lesson learned? Nah. I'll probably do it all again with some other chick that just MUST be the right, a few years down the line. Because in the end the experience is always worth it. For good or for bad. For better or for worse. 'Till death do us apart... our they find something better.

So naturally it took quite some time to pull myself together after that. I am not a very big romantic. Not in the slightest. But I truly do think that love fucking hurts! But everything ends. At a certain point you simply get over it. And once you're done groveling in the sand, once you're done cursing the sun, moon and stars, then you get up. And you keep moving forward. Only when you accept losing everything, only when you accept having hit rock bottom, only then can you stop clinging to the ground, and rise once more. Nobody is born strong, you get strong by being beaten to the ground so many times that it feels like home down there.

So have your life settled down, you got a home and job again? 
I am not a nostalgic man. Those who know me know this. Once I let go, I never look back. Several years have passed since I let most of my worldly possessions go. I now own nothing more than I can carry on my back. I have no home of my own. I only have places I sleep. I have no income. I have nothing I truly can call my own. And I've never felt better! Why? Because I have myself. I have a heart and a mind like few others. I don't need dusty photographs to remind me of who I am. I have litterally burned away everything that wasn't needed. I even wiped most of the movies and mp3's on my harddrive once I was at it. I don't want to live my life carrying skeletons in my bags. Not even virtual skeletons in my virtual bags. Unless they'd be wearing top hats, dancing, and giving flowers to children. Because that would just scare the Hell out of me!

There is much to live for in this world. To me every day is a miracle. Every sight, every sound, every taste and feeling is amazing. I should be dead a hundred times over, and yet I'm still here. I can't waste another moment NOT being everything I can be! We can live the life we choose, and when we choose it. But we have to make that choice. We have to change from the very core of our beings. We have to put away all the bullshit, man (or woman) up and stand for what we truly believe in. We have to shout our true wishes and desires to the sky. We have to chase our dreams, and be strong enough to never back down. We have to be all this, and be it all the time. Not just when it's convenient. And that's actually a bit hard. But this life is too damn short to live it any other way than the way we truly wish. So what I'm getting at is that I've changed my priorites quite a bit over the last couple of years. And in a few months time everybody will know just how much I've changed them. And it'll be amazing.

So where is GUIS-gUI™ v2.0? Make sense, man!
It's still in the works. But no ETA will be given ever again. I'll throw out some minor updates whenever a patch breaks it, though. I'll keep it's head above the water. I still log into WoW from time to time, and this is after all the only addon I use. It's sort of my boat in the sea of social chaos we call World of Warcraft. I wouldn't want to cross that sea without my boat. Because I'm not a very good swimmer. But I am tall, dark and handsome.

See you all in Azeroth!