Lars Norberg Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 19:05

Do you wish to make some gold with Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, but feel that existing guides are way too extensive and too addon-dependent? Then don't panic my fellow gold farmers, because I will give you the answers!

After months of testing and experimenting, I have boiled down my strategy for these 2 professions to a very simple plan. It is reminiscent of the plans presented by other gold bloggers, but mine is simply... simpler! At least in terms of research and decision making needed. It's brainless, actually.

I'll tell you what to buy, what to craft, what to sell, and how much to sell it for. But since prices often vary from server to server, not to mention from day to day, you might be interested in this guide on how to better utilize the Auction House and maximize your profits.

1. Buy Materials
I usually buy 2 types of materials, and I always buy them at the AH. No farming. Ever.

Obsidium Ore
Elementium Ore

My pain threshold when it comes to the price is roughly 25g each stack. I usually don't buy anything above that, though I could probably go all the way up to 35g or even 45g and still have a very good profit. I buy between 1000g and 2000g worth of ores each day.

2. Prospect
This part sucks. Now you have to prospect literally thousands of ores. This part I recommend doing while watching a movie, and definitely using a macro! Just make WoW windowed, and have your video player set to be "Always on Top" while still having WoW focused. Then you can relax and just click your prospecting macro while watching a movie or something. You won't even notice the time passing!

Be sure that all your stacks are of sizes dividable by 5, otherwise the macro will bug out sooner or later.

And here's my macro, for those that are interested:
/cast Prospecting
/use Obsidium Ore
/use Elementium Ore

3. Craft items and disenchant them
Now that you've got all your uncut gems, it's time to do something useful with them. I'll make this extremely simple for you. Remember to buy in a solid supply of Jeweler's Settings for this part, as we won't be cutting any gems, we will instead use them to create rings and necklaces for the soul purpose of disenchanting them.

Carnelian -> Carnelian Spikes -> Disenchant
Alicite -> Alicite Pendant -> Disenchant
Hessonite -> Hessonite Band -> Disenchant
Jasper -> Jasper Ring -> Disenchant - can be sold uncut in stacks of 3 when it's the daily
Nightstone -> Nightstone Choker -> Disenchant - can be sold uncut in stacks of 3 when it's the daily

I disenchant regardless of whether the items created are of blue or green quality. And regardless of their stats as well. At this point in the current WoW expansion pack, epics are basically thrown at you. Good blues created by Jewelcrafting simply aren't good anymore, and the average price you'll get for them is very low. Not worth the hassle in my eyes. Better to do this fast. The disenchanting takes enough time as it is, no need to add to that by forcing ourselves to value each item individually.

4. Create some scrolls of enchants
I create mainly 3 scrolls, but only 2 of them are made with Cataclysm materials . This is another one of those things where other gold farmers strongly disagree with me, as they tend to create a LOT more items than this.

Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats (2x Lesser Celestial Essence) - sells for 60-150g
Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality (2x Hypnotic Dust) - sells for 10-50g

I try to not overdue it, 10 of each will do it on a daily basis. Sometimes even less. These are good sellers, and they sell fast, but posting too many at once will backfire. I put my auctions at only 12 hours, as they sell fast, are produced fast, and long auctions will only get you undercut constantly.

5. Sell your remaining Enchanter materials
Time to sell all you got from disenchanting items earlier. And you got a LOT! Remember to turn lessers into greaters. I put my enchanter materials up for 24 hours at the AH. Any remaining lessers or incomplete stacks I simply save for the next day.

Heavenly Shard -> sell one by one, 60-90g per shard
Greater Celestial Essence -> sell in stacks of 10, 35-45g per essence
Hypnotic Dust -> sell in stacks of 20, 1-2g per dust

6. Cut and sell remaining Gems
You still got quite a few gems left, of both green and blue quality. And of most gem colors. Here is what I do with them:

Nightstone -> On my realms these can go for 10-20g each if it's the daily, sold in stacks of 3.
Jasper -> On my realm the AH is flooded with these, so I have stopped selling them. But depending on your realms prices, you might want to sell them in stacks of 3.
Zephyrite -> Sell at the AH in stacks of 3, for 3-10g per gem on days when it's the daily. Or cut any random gem and vendor them.

Inferno Ruby -> Bold Inferno Ruby, Brilliant Inferno Ruby, Delicate Inferno Ruby
Ember Topaz -> Reckless Ember Topaz, Adept Ember Topaz
Demonseye -> Purified DemonseyeShifting Demonseye, Glinting Demonseye

I sell all my cut blue gems at the AH, with 12 hour duration auctions. Pricing differs, and can go from 25g to 150g. Red colored gems usually go in the 60-90g area. If none are available when I post mine, I put the price at 150g per gem. Red colored gems sell for this price, the others might not. But at least it will help setting the bar higher, and help increase the profit once people start undercutting each other.

Dream Emerald -> Vendor
Amberjewel -> AH or vendor
Ocean Sapphire -> AH or vendor

Craft the gems into any random gem of that color if vendoring them. The profit for rare (blue quality) gems isn't much, just a mere 55s per gem. But it's a few gold. Or a profit increase of 17% if you like, from 3.2g to 3.75g. And this one comes for "free". If you do this on a daily basis, it starts adding up. When it comes to uncommon (green quality) gems though, it's a whole different matter. These sell for 50s each uncut, and 75s cut. That's a 50% increase!

And that's about it. Just do this, and sit back and enjoy the ridiculous profits!

I'm getting between 2000g and 4000g every day, from hardly an hour's worth of work. And that is pure profit, with the cost of the materials deducted! It's not unusual to have up to 6000g waiting in my mailbox when I log on.

Can't complain about that!